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     When I was in the process of building my new restaurant, a friend recommended that I contact Bill Duncan and White Oak Landscaping to design the outdoor space. After meeting with them, it was determined that because the courtyard was under a roof, there wasn’t much we could “grow” there.

     They came up with the wild idea of “sculpting” life size trees. When I asked Bill to show me a similar tree they had done, he said they hadn’t created any in the past, but they could!  We decided to throw caution to the wind, and just went for it.

Our “entrance courtyard” is now a beautiful setting of life size trees, with branches and leaves forming an overhead archway as you pass through. There is a “fireplace” feature on one side with a lovely classic mantel and hearth, but which is really a fountain. This adds interest and a soothing sound as you dine in that area.

     Bill and all of his White Oak associates are creative, professional, and a lot of fun to work with!

Our restaurant is absolutely stunning on the inside, but I have to say, many customers like the outside even better!

Thanks, White Oak!

Betsy Leroy, Pizza by Elizabeth's Restaurant

Greenville, Delaware

     We had an opportunity to visit a long time friend who was ecstatic to show us his new landscaping in his oddly shaped backyard.  What my husband and I viewed was pure paradise.  Lush greens and color everywhere, but what was more impressive, was how the yard looked so much larger than it was because of its design.  We never forgot the White Oak name until years later when my husband and I were building a house on a smallish lot.   

     Bill and his team developed a magnificent plan to offer us privacy barriers, lush green bushes, trees, flowering perennials that would offer visual impact throughout the year.  Their hardscaping including a long boulder retaining wall, flagstone walkways, and a stone Japanese moon gate is always noted by our neighbors and anyone driving by. They spent extensive time on our design; not only on paper but also as the project progressed until the last small shrub was situated.   They treated our project as if it was their own house.  One of the most impressive items beyond the design was how mature the plantings were that they brought in.   

     Bill worked very well with us in providing choices within our budget, and then delivered tremendous value.  I would highly recommend White Oak for any project, large or small. 

Paula Pernick

Greenville, Delaware

     Fair Hill, Md.

     This morning is brilliant. After reaching in to light the massive fire place in “Tuscany” I sip my first cup and  look out over  “Napa”.  Sitting  - rocking myself back and forth on the soft Travertine tile patio I breath in the scene and  notice yet another detail that has escaped  my scrutiny over the last quarter. It’s a bush …or a tree . The new blooming fire truck red berries dance on the stems artistically framed by the aspen like branches of another  specimen  strategically placed behind it. It’s 7 something am on Sunday  and I’m enjoying the crisp of the morning, the smell of the fire and the company of countless new friends I haven’t learned the names of yet. Coral Maple, Curley Willow and Old Man Walking Stick promise to introduce us in due time. I look at the untouched  News Journal that I earlier set on the boulder beside the cascading waterfall and contently realize its better use. I grab it as I take the stroll along the meandering flagstone path down the seemingly freeform steps that some how have perfect rhythm  and  I toss it in the fire knowing my time is better spent enjoying my new “Bill Scape”


Thank you   White Oak, for giving life to my back yard.

Ben LeRoy  

     Prior to meeting Bill, we had hired a prominent company whose work we had admired at the Philadelphia Flower Show. It was the first time we had worked with a professional landscape designer and while we were spending more money than we had ever imagined for landscaping, in the end we felt we paid too much for work that wasn’t particularly creative or unique.

We called White Oak to help us finish what the other designer had started and, more importantly, to help us create the garden we had originally hoped for.

     When Bill shared his vision for our yard, we were blown away by his knowledge and creativity. Once we saw our future garden the way Bill saw it, we wanted to start planting right away. Bill developed a plan that we could execute in stages as time and budget allowed. Regardless of the relatively modest budget for each of the phases, White Oak has always delivered more than we expected and made the most of every dollar.

After 6 years and multiple phases, we are thrilled with the way our once boring yard has been transformed into the fabulous garden we always wanted.

Cynthia Dewick and David Gerbec

     When Frederick and I first started looking for a landscape architect, we found one through the Internet and one was a referral through a friend. The moment we met Bill, we knew we found a winner by the way Bill came prepared to listen with a pad, pencil, and the way he took notes, ask questions, and took pictures. At the start Bill asked us to tell him what we wanted if we could have everything. We walked the property and Frederick and I listed walkways, paths, sitting areas and patios. Then, what was interesting, after listening to our wish list, Bill asked us to explain why we wanted things where we stated. It made us think why we were putting a wooden deck where a stone patio could go, and made us explain why we were putting a grill there and not here. In reality, Bill was making us think about what each area was to be used for, sitting, entertaining, lounging, and eating. Bill questioned us and listened to our answers and proposed alternatives and new ideas. With such a large expanse of land, we knew we could not do everything we wanted at once and Bill knew that he was building a relationship with us for years to come. Bill and his team created a resort within our property that once was only hills, steep slopes, and unusable space around our pool. Now sitting outside, we find ourselves thinking that we are in a resort and have named our property Rock Haven. We are truly pleased to continue on our relationship with Bill and the White Oak team.

Jay and Frederick Gloede

Rock Haven

     There are a lot of “landscapers” out there, but there is only one Bill Duncan. He is a true artist, creating unique spaces that flow effortlessly into their surroundings. Bill has done four separate projects for me over the years and, every time, has managed to take my half-baked ideas and push them into an astonishing new place. His “out of the box” creativity and attention to the smallest detail have transformed my pedestrian property into a feast for the eye and spirit.


 Susan Parker

Greenville, DE

     After sitting on our landscaping plans for almost two years seeking the right person and the right company we were referred to Bill and White Oak through a friend who was glowing about his work. Immediately we could tell that Bill was different from other designers. He listened, he asked questions, he made sure that he was crystal clear on our vision of what we wanted. During the design and build process Bill was involved at every step, checking in on progress, course correcting when needed and maintaining an unrelenting desire to satisfy. To say that we are pleased with the outcome is an understatement. We are delighted and would recommend Bill and White Oak to anyone unreservedly.

Julia and Jonathan Walker

Chadds Ford, PA

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