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White Oak Landscape Management’s owner, Bill Duncan, has a passion for installing extraordinary landscapes. He believes great landscaping is a synthesis of horticulture, structure and art, and the difference between ordinary and spectacular design is simply imagination.

White Oak designs are uninhibited, bold and exciting, eliminating the boredom of generic landscaping. Daring to design the unusual is what elevates our gardens to art.

White Oak’s ability to design a visually exciting garden for any site is what separates us from other landscaping firms. We are known for seeing opportunities where others see problems. We study a site from all angles to discover all of its possibilities.

Our plantings tend to include uncommon plant varieties used in uncommon ways and our hardscaping incorporates only high-quality materials installed by skilled craftsmen.

A new landscape should look beautiful from the day it is installed and increase in beauty as it grows. At the time of planting, plants should be in proportion with the structures they are meant to compliment without waiting years. Plants look best in their natural forms, so we design our plantings to become more beautiful with age.

A White Oak Landscape installation is distinguishable from all others. Our uniqueness of design, old world craftsmanship and attention to detail sets us apart from all others.


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