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Bill Duncan: Designer, Project Manager

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Bill demonstrated his interest in landscape design as a child by creating his first landscape at 10 years old on the family property in Centreville, Delaware, where he still lives as a fourth generation owner of the property now known as Old Oaks, home to the White Oak office. The extensively landscaped property displays Bill’s passion for landscape design.

Bill followed this passion by starting a landscaping company in 1978. Although formally trained in landscape design at the University of Delaware, Bill’s natural artistic talent cannot be taught. His expert plant knowledge comes from over 40 years of experimenting with plants in every situation imaginable.


When talking about landscaping, “ordinary” is not in his vocabulary. Bill’s style of landscaping has often been described as “artistry in the garden.” He works with his clients on a personal level, and has developed a reputation for delivering exactly what they want where others have failed. He dwells on maintaining high ethical standards and integrity, never failing to exceed his clients expectations.

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